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Forensic medicine
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Community medicine
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Bariatric Surgery
Dr Amit Garg : Indo Max Hospital, Chandigarh Road, Tohana M: 8221000303 ::Facebook 

Balaji Dental Care & Optical Center : Tohana M: 9541947576, 9991777

Dr Parul Goyal : Chandigarh Road, Tohana T: 01692-231766 M: 9728593507 E: info@parulhospitaltohana.com W: parulhospitaltohana.com ::Facebook
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Dr Manish Bansal : Chandigarh Road, Tohana T: 01692-231766 M: 9728593507 E: info@parulhospitaltohana.com W: parulhospitaltohana.com ::Facebook
Endocrine Surgery

Dr Naval Bansal : Indo Max Hospital, Chandigarh Road, Tohana M: 9855550895 ::Facebook 

General Medicine
Dr Surendra Sharma : Indo Max Hospital, Chandigarh Road, Tohana M: 8221000303 ::Facebook 

General Surgery
Dr Ashish Gupta : Indo Max Hospital, Chandigarh Road, Tohana M: 8221000303 ::Facebook 


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Obstetrics & Gynaecology


Dr Rajan Gupta : Chandigarh Road, Tohana M: 9354633600 ::Facebook 
Dr Subhash Mehta : Kanchi Chowk, Tohana T: 01692220888 M: 9896042266 ::Facebook





Abrol Orthopaedics Hospital : Model Town, Fatehabad T: 01667222558 M: 9812688446
Arora Eye Hospital : Model Town, Fatehabad M: 9416312989
Arora Hospital : Medical Enclave, Tohana T: 9354905888
Bansal Hospital : 13-14, Tau Deviwalamarket,  GT Road, Fatehabad
Batra Hospital : GT Road, Fatehabad T: 220199 M: 9416047499::Facebook
Bhatia Nursing Home : Tohana
City Max Hospital :  Chandigarh Road , Tohana
City Nursing Home : 26-2 Bhattu Road, Fatehabad T: 220174
Dashmesh Ent & Maternity Hospital Tohana Road, Ratia
Delhi Medical Centre : Chandigargh Road, Tohana T: 233982
Delhi Wala Hospital : GT Road, Fatehabad T: 220066
Dukhbhanjan Hospital :
Eye Q Super Speciality Eye Hospital : 7-8, Model Town, Fatehabad
Garg Ortho & Medicare Centre : Tohana T: 01692221161
Geeta Nursing Home : Devi Lal Market, GT Road, Fatehabad T: 221334
General Hospital : Fatehabad T: 01667-226786 M: 7027819683 E: dhs.csftb@hry.nic.in
General Hospital : Tohana
Goel Nursing Home : Tohana Road, Ratia T: 01697-250744
Hissar Hospital : Model Town, Fatehabad
Indo Max Hospital : Chandigarh Road, Tohana ::Facebook 
Jaipur Children Hospital : Model Town, Fatehabad T: 01667-222150
Jindal Hospital : GT Road, Fatehabad M:9467722073, 8189000002 ::Facebook
Kalyani Nursing Home : Ratia Road ,Tohana
Maatrika Mother & Child Hospital : Fatehabad
Mehta Eye & General Hospital : Ratia Road, Tohana 
Pahwa Ortho Hospital : Model Town, Fatehabad T: 222497 M: 9812322497 ::Facebook
Poonam Eye Hospital : Model Town, Fatehabad T: 01667-220650 M: 9896920650
Punjabi Sabha Hospital : Bhattu Road, Fatehabad
Rajan Eye Heart Laser Center : Chandigarh Road, Tohana M: 9315885880, 9354633600 ::Facebook
Rajasthan Medical Center : Chandigarh Road , Tohana T: 233400 / 230840
Reeshap Hospital : GT Road, Fatehabad  
Sadbhavna Multispeciality Hospital : SCO 178-181 Sector 3, Fatehabad T: 221133 M: 9671035725, 9467297966 ::Facebook
Sandooja Ent Hospital : Model town, Fatehabad T: 1667-223289
Sangam Charitable Hospital : Tohana
Sethi Hospital : Ratia Road,Tohana T: 01692-231144 M: 9896380470
Shalini Surgical & Maternity Hospital : Medical Enclave, Chandigarh Road, Tohana

Clinical Laboratories
Malik Lab : Tohana M: 9812150544 ::Facebook

Patanjali Chikitsalaya :  M: 8340741325 Facebook

Ashok Medical Hall : Daryapur M: 9812326610
Bal Gopal Medical Hall : Dharamshala Road, Fatehabad
Bansal Medical Hall : Geeta Mandir Road, Fatehabad
Beniwal Medicine Center : Mochiwali, Fatehabad M: 9992048078
Dashmesh Medical Hall : SH-21 Ratia-Bikhi Road, Fatehabad M: 9416239474, 9518020007
Dass Medical Hall : 125120 Krishna Colony, Tohana M: 9802609172
Garhwal Pharma : Bhima Basti, Fatehabad M: 9812322359
Gera Medicine Center : 50/1 Four Marla Colony, Fatehabad M: 9416169606
Goswami Medical Hall : Aggarwal Colony, Fatehabad M: 9215530400
Goutam Medicos : Manawali, Fatehabad M: 9050088470
Grover Medical Hall : Fatehabad M: 9812287700, 9812422059
Haryana Medical Hall : Model Town, Fatehabad M: 9896077795
Jambheshwar Medical Hall : Dhanger M: 9812456211
Jupp Pharmacy : Nagpur M: 9896900784
Khurana Medical Store : Hisar Road, Fatehabad
Kirpal Medical Hall : 2, Vichar Asharam Road, Fatehabad M: 9812323585
Krishan Medical Hall : Kanheri M: 9354827696
Komal Medical Hall : Fatehabad
Kuldeep Medical Hall : Barseen M: 9813637869
Madaan Ayurvedic Store : DSP Road, Fatehabad M: 8708476701 ::Facebook
Manish Medicoz : 101 Aggarwal Colony, Ratia M: 9812341347
Medical Enclave : Gupta Colony, Tohana M: 8901514489
Monu Medical Hall : Bothan M: 9996988955
Nirmal Medical Hall : Fatehabad M: 9813142301
Om Shanti Medicine Center : Bhirdana M: 9086297400
Protein Kart : Palika Bazaar, Fatehabad M: 9416360976 ::Facebook
Punjabi Medicos : Tohana M: 9416822976, 9355527999

RK Medicos : Dhingsara M: 9467844951
Raj Medicos : Ratia Road, Fatehabad M: 9813487999
Raju Medical Hall : Dhanger M: 9355249225
Ramdev Medical Hall : Bhima Basti, Fatehabad M: 7988532682
Ravi Medical Hall : Lajpat Nagar, Fatehabad M: 8059021999
Sachdeva Medical Hall : Inderpura Mohalla, Fatehabad M: 7027840100
Saini Medical Hall : Fatehabad
Sethi Medical Hall : Thana Road, Fatehabad M: 9711114969
Sh Balaji Medical Hall : Bighar M: 9896218844
Shri Balaji Medicine Center : Model Town, Fatehabad M: 9466246595
Verma Medical Hall : DSP Road, Fatehabad M: 9813701856

Dr K Chaudhry
B-1/104 Paschim Vihar, New Delhi +91-9810571993 http://indianmedical.net/doctorkc